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Sep 27, 2018

In your first year of consulting you might find yourself doing anything to pay the bills all the while figuring out what niche you want to specialise in and what areas you do not want to work in.

Dan Hawkins President of Summit Leadership Partners shares his journey from corporate America to the other side of...

Sep 25, 2018

Publishing books sometimes isn't about making money.  It can be about
building credibility, making your brand, and having resources to give
to clients

Erika Andersen, Founding partner of Proteus International and author
of "Be Bad First" shares her insight on how the publishing landscape
has changed, the benefits of...

Sep 20, 2018

Do you have a blog?  Or are you thinking about starting one?  If so you have to have consistency in your posting schedule and write in a manner that reaches a wider audience than you might be used to writing for.

This week Dayne Shuda, owner of Ghost Blog Writers, joins us to give some great advise about how to have a...

Sep 18, 2018

Of all the challenges and problems we see in the work world how can we address those through being more effective leading self, leading
others, and leading the organization.

Jan Rutherford, founder of Self Reliant Leadership and author of "The
Littlest Green Beret" guides us through his experience of teaching in

Sep 13, 2018

The most important thing as a Thought Leaders is to be generous with your thoughts and to be generous with your help.

Lee Caraher, President of Double Forte and author of "Millennials & Management"  is generous with her help today sharing her experience dealing with Millennials in the work place, having a book deal...