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Dec 28, 2023

Thought leaders come from a wide variety of backgrounds and skills.
Each unique path leads to inspiration, solutions, and frameworks that can reach niche groups on a personal level.

Selena Rezvani is an internationally recognized author, speaker, and consultant on leadership.  Her newest book, a Wall Street Journal...

Dec 21, 2023

You can find an audience for your thought leadership on almost any social media platform.
Time is the ultimate commodity - so, how do you break through the noise to get your audience's attention?

Today’s guest has a keen understanding of audience, message, and modality! Robert Glazer is the best-selling author of

Dec 17, 2023

Can you spot a good idea?
And when you do, how do you successfully find its best audience?

These are just two questions we examine with today's guest, Ward Kampf. Ward is the President of Northwood Retail, which leases, manages, and markets a portfolio of over five million square feet of mixed use and community...

Dec 14, 2023

It can be easy to think “I’m just not a confident person”

But confidence isn’t something you have to be born with.

Like any other skill, you can practice behaviors to grow that skill.

Our guest today is Emily Jaenson, a keynote speaker, host of the hit podcast Leadership is Female, and co-founder of The...

Dec 7, 2023

When the time comes to hire someone new, how can you tell if you have the right candidate? 
Plenty of thought leaders can tell you that even the best programs often have knowledge gaps, between what is learned in school and what it takes to do a job from day to day.

Our guest today is William Vanderbloemen. William's...