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Jan 29, 2023

What is a model? How can you make one? How do you know if it is useful and what is a validated model?

Statistician George P. Box once said, "All models are wrong, but some of them are useful." 
Models give us ways to depict how our insights relate to one another, and create structure that can be supported by...

Jan 27, 2023

Have you ever thought about writing a book to codify what your business does, and what it stands for? 
And once you do, how long should you work to promote that book after it hits the shelves?

To discuss these questions and more, I've invited Becky Robinson to join me for this episode of Leveraging Thought Leadership....

Jan 22, 2023

Why do people buy? 

Does it come down to price and features, or are our purchasing habits driven by deeper needs?

To better understand consumers, and how to successfully influence their purchasings, I’ve invited Kathy Risch to join me on our podcast. Kathy is the Senior Vice President, Shopper Insights & Thought...

Jan 19, 2023

Can your insights literally change people's lives? That's great!
But how do you make sure everyone hears what you have to say?

My guest today is Stacy Mayer, a consultant and coach who works with women seeking to get promoted into higher level leadership positions. Stacy talks about her book, Promotions Made Easy: A...

Jan 15, 2023

At one time the undisputed best embodiment of a set of ideas was a book.  It was the clear winner, but is that still true?

To explore today's best mediums for written media, we’ve turned to five-time New York Times bestselling author Dan Pink. Dan has worked as a writer for politicians and the government before going...