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Sep 24, 2023

An investment in thought leadership - for yourself or your org - compounds over time.
Starting earlier in your career will have a greater impact. So what's stopping you from getting started?

For today's episode, I've invited Vaishali Dialani to chat with us. Vaishali is a Senior Customer Experience Strategist at

Sep 21, 2023

All right, thoughtleaders – be honest.
Have you ever nodded off a little during a presentation?

Now imagine a conference filled with rock and roll, choreographed numbers, and comedy. That’s a presentation you’d sit up and pay attention to!

Our guest today is Kraig Kleeman, the founder and Executive Producer for

Sep 17, 2023

Data Governance may not sound exciting - but it's critical!
It covers how your company produces, consumes, collects, and destroys data.  
So, with businesses generating and using more data than ever, 
why is this role so often forgotten?

Our guest today is Lauren Maffeo, Author of "Designing Data Governance from...

Sep 14, 2023

The road to becoming a Thought Leader is never a straight one.  So going from college basketball coach to book influencer might not seem that odd. Still, the map to get there is fascinating!

Our guest today is Owen Sammarone the Founder and CEO of Unleash the Knowledge, LLC; an online, educational community of lifelong...

Sep 7, 2023

There are few thought leaders who work behind the scenes to create, develop, and deploy programs while simultaneously being the face of the brand.

What does it take to find success on both ends?

Today we’ve invited internationally recognized presenter, content developer, business leader and coach Curtis Bateman!  He...