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Jan 27, 2023

Have you ever thought about writing a book to codify what your business does, and what it stands for? 
And once you do, how long should you work to promote that book after it hits the shelves?

To discuss these questions and more, I've invited Becky Robinson to join me for this episode of Leveraging Thought Leadership. Becky is the Founder and CEO of Weaving Influence where she works with business book authors to build their platform and grow the reach of their work. Additionally, Becky has become her own client having authored Reach: Create the Biggest Possible Audience for Your Message, Book or Cause.

Our conversation begins with the difficult topic of measuring the ROI of a business book. Becky shares how that equation held her back from starting a book - until the pandemic hit.  With some extra time, she started the journey, seeking to have her book launch coincide with the ten year anniversary of her business.

Launching a book and running a company that specializes in the book publishing field gave Becky aunique perspective. Becky discusses some of the methods she used to get her book into the world, including pushing for100 Amazon reviews in the first month. To accomplish this, she sent 400 physical copies of the book to friends, colleagues, and anyone who would get value from it. She explains how a physical copy with a personalized note and signature has a far higher return than simply emailing a PDF.

The journey of writing the book forced some additional clarity around the content Becky has used for years. She explains how she developed the four commitments, and defined the concept of "reach" in thought leadership publishing. In addition, she shares the importance of defining various terms, and the iterations authors go through in determining title and subtitle before landing on a final version.

If you're planning to write a book, have a book coming out, or are out there supporting one - this episode is trove of advice that can help you reach your widest audience!

Three Key Takeaways:

* Online reviews are important for new books. They provide social "proof" of your insights and help create

* Your book can’t be for everyone.  You’ll need to focus on the people that need your book right now.

Don’t view book marketing as a project with an end date. It is a life-long commitment.