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Sep 19, 2019

Blogs and online columns have replaced the monthly magazine, but are the skills required to be successful different? How can writers keep the pace that being online demands while keeping a high quality of writing?

Our guest Joe Nocera is the best selling author of Indentured and A Piece of the Action, a Bloomberg columnist, and creator of the hit podcast The Shrink Next Door.

Joe has been an author and content creator for decades and has experienced the shift from print media to online.  He talks with us about what skills are needed to bridge the gap and how to keep up with the frantic online pace.  Joe also tells us about how the podcast format revived a long dead story and the challenges of taking the story from the long form written format to an episodic podcast.

Joe has mastered taking his content from one modality to another.  If you are having trouble making new products out of existing content let Thought Leadership Leverage help.