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Nov 17, 2019

51% of the US population listen to podcasts.  That is a massive audience you could tap into.  With 750,000 podcasts out there how can you get your voice heard and not fall victim to "podfade"?

Our guest Ginni Saraswati is an Award winning journalist, Founder of Ginni Media, and host of The Ginni Show podcast.

When clients want to start a podcast Ginni asks "Why?" the answer to that simple question can help lay the groundwork for the frequency of your show and allows you to set reasonable goals.  Plus Ginni and Peter discuss what metrics you should pay attention to, options for monetization, and tips for repurposing your content.

We discuss the importance of repurposing content to maximize your reach.  For more on the topic check out this video on repackaging your content.