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Nov 23, 2019

How much of your time do you spend creating new content? Does the process of trying to keep fresh content on the growing number of online platforms have you feeling like you are spinning your tires?  Maybe it's time to repurpose the content you have and get the most out of your energy.

Our guest Amy Woods is the Founder and CEO of Content 10x, the author of Content 10x, the host of the Content 10x podcast and an expert in content repurposing.

Peter and Amy have a candid discussion about how to squeeze your content for all it is worth!

They delve into how you can take a single piece of content like a podcast and stretch it across various platforms and modalities to reach new audiences.

They ask the question is it better to use the platform that is new and hot or stick with the method you are most comfortable with?

Finally, we discuss the discipline it takes to stay on message and why consistency in schedule and message of the content you deliver is so important.

We talked a lot about repurposing content, but we have a little more to say on the topic in this video that we actually repurposed!