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Aug 15, 2021

Today’s guest is Mandy McEwen, the CEO of Mod Girl Marketing, a firm that helps their clients increase brand presence and stand out from the crowd by offering innovative content marketing & social media strategies, and by leveraging the organization's best asset – their people. 

Many companies are asking employees to engage on the org's behalf through social media, but not everyone really understands LinkedIn's power to increase brand presence. Mandy shares common reasons people struggle to support their company through posts, likes, and comments, and why there's a lot of social anxiety around the topic.

Mandy gives advice on ways that managers and leaders can empower their teams, methods for starting or joining appropriate conversations, and ultimately, how your workforce can generate their own content all as part of a daily routine!

Getting the most out of any social media platform will mean becoming comfortable with experimentation; employees need support and flexibility with the type of content they provide and how it's presented. Best of all, Mandy explains why even social media "failures" can be successes in disguise - if both employees and the organization are committed to learning from mistakes.

Mandy has a great point: Every interaction can be a source of Thought Leadership content! Building content is as simple as having great conversations. You can do it, and your employees can, too!

Three Key Takeaways:

  • Getting started with Thought Leadership on Linkedin can be as easy as leaving meaningful comments in industry-related conversations.
  • It might be tempting to use bots or direct messages to blast your Thought Leadership as broadly as possible, but be warned: Such tactics can backfire, driving people away.
  • When developing teams to use Linkedin on an organization's behalf, you have to empower them to share their ideas, coach them on how to get engaged, and give them the thoughtful support they'll need to create great Thought Leadership content.