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Jan 21, 2021

Today's guest is Matias Obludzyner, a leadership and communications consultant with years of experience at the International Finance Corporation and author of Expanding Circle.
Matias shares his experience working at the IFC helping leaders with communication and change management.  He explains how his time working with incredible leaders there was a key influence in writing his book.

We discuss how Matias has struck out on his own to help the leaders of other organizations with how they position themselves externally and how they influence others.  Plus we chat about finding the first clients, developing price and scope without a known brand behind you.

Finally, Matias shares the journey of writing the book which started before he left IFC and what the book brings to the table in the next phase of his career, how he uses it to his advantage, and how he promoted it.

If you want to take your Thought Leadership out of a corporation and go it alone this episode is filled with great advice.

Three Key Takeaways:
* Thought Leaders can learn from the experience of the others they've worked with and include it in their own content.

* If you are to successfully market your thought leadership you'll need to know who you are solving problems for and what the problems are.

* Adding a book to your Thought leadership toolbox is a great way to start conversations with potential clients.